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My Medicine

Bridging the Gap Between What You Know and What You Can Remember

My intuitive gifts help me understand what can be activated within you. What I teach you is not new. It is a medicine, a frequency, a remembrance that has been pasted down through many generations and cultures.  By expressing my energetic code I am sending a signal to the divine within you to awaken. From the individual cells of your DNA, to embodiment of your whole self, together we can energize your being, and gain access to ancient knowledge and gifts that will help you heal and create a reality that best supports your growth. 


Deryn, OR

"Tara is one of the Wisest Women I have ever met. Her connection to Source is incredibly powerful and her readings are always insanely accurate. She gave me the best Tarot reading of my life, and I know my sister felt the same when I booked a session with Tara as her birthday gift. Tara is a blessing to work with."


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