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My Story
A Spiritual Guide and Teacher 


Hi, I'm Tara. I am so happy you are here!

I have been participating in a spiritual practice since I was 5. Gifted with a wonderful mother who fostered my connection to Source,  allowed me to learn and remember who I am on a soul level. I have made inner peace and connection a main part of my daily life, and learned to  love all parts of myself, finding my inner power. 


I have helped others heal through chakra balancing and energy work, gave tarot readings and guided others on their spiritual path as they grow to bridge the gap between body and sprit. In 2020 I studied the practice of yoga, and later worked under movement teachers to learn the true meaning of embodiment. Now movement is incorporated into my daily practice and I have lead others in releasing stagnate energy and honor their bodies.  


This journey, although not easy, has shown me the value I hold, the power I can cultivate and unleashed the ability to co-create my life, as I take each step of this journey from a place of love! I am so excited to assist you through your journey of raising your vibrations, and upgrading your systems to experience the love and light that is all around you!

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Let’s Work Together

Tara Entrieri

Portland, Oregon


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