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Set Free Your Sovereignty

Are you ready to up level your spiritual practice? Through my spiritual guidance, intuitive readings, programs and master classes, I simplify universal concepts and help create a personal practice. This will allow you to discover your inner universe, connect to your guides, and co-create your reality. Here are just a few ways in which you can access the wealth of knowledge within you.

Afternoon Light
Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Together we can create a mindfulness journal. Journaling each day helps to clear the mind, release emotions, and connect to your inner universe. 


Through free and guided movement we can embody our emotions and release. I will help guide you through cracking open your heart, transmuting energy that no longer serves you, and strengthening the mind, body, soul connection.  


The act of controlling ones breath. This skill is not only great during practice, but can also be a tool to use throughout your day. Work with me to learn different breathing techniques to come back to the present moment and center yourself.

Soul Work 

Soul work is the individual 

act of learning about yourself, fueling your soul, and bringing your practice from your sacred space out into the world.  

Image by Samuel Austin

Through guided mediation you can cultivate inner awareness, recognize the cycles you are in, emotions you are holding on to, and shadows that need to be brought to light. These mediations will take you on a journey to meet all parts of you, cleanse, and ground. 

Master Classes

These master classes will be an overview of topics such as the chakras, shadow work, elements, yoga philosophy, inner child work and so on. Interested in a specific topic? Let me know via email, and request to add yourself to our email list to stay updated with upcoming master classes, and other offerings. 

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